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Australian Manuka Honey

Nutradeen is the home of premium Australian Manuka Honey.We bring you the best that Australia offers, which is amongst the most effective of therapeutic manuka honey available in the world.Our products are backed by scientific research and certified as authentic by the Australian Manuka Honey Association. We are the only Australian Manuka Honey brand to have met the stringent requirements of Egyptian importing authorities and be available for sale now in Egypt via direct orders.  

We offer a range of honey strengths, from 30+ MGO daily strength to the highly potent 850+ MGO strength.  The choice is yours.

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Natural Honey

Nutradeen Australian Manuka Honey is not heated excessively as many other honeys are.  Research has shown that this can adversely affect the beneficial microbial activity which gives Manuka Honey its important therapeutic properties.

Healthy Bees

Expert Beekeepers

Nutradeen Australian Manuka Honey is produced by beekeepers with generations of combined experience.  Unlike other parts of the world, Australia is free of the scourge of many diseases which afflict stressed bee populations – where bees are literally shipped across the country to pollinate crops.   Our bees are able to live peacefully in their own natural environment, foraging on the Leptospermum varieties endemic to Australia which produce Manuka Honey.


Diverse and Pristine Environment

Nutradeen Australian Manuka Honey is collected from specially selected sites where Leptospermum varieties are naturally found.  Due to Australia’s diverse ecosystems – ranging from the tropical north to temperate zones further south – Australia is home to the largest number of Leptospermum varieties in the world.  This offers the opportunity for a long growing season in a variety of conditions, producing some of the world’s most potent and uncontaminated Manuka Honey.   Furthermore, Australia’s strict environment and biosecurity standards ensure that these ecosystems ae clean, ensuring that bees and their honey are safe and healthy.